Graduate Programs

graduate student meeting with faculty

The Department of English at Iowa State University continues to be a leader in graduate education. Our award-winning graduate faculty are known nationally and internationally for their exceptional research, and they are dedicated to mentoring graduate students as future educators, scholars, and professionals.

Our Department supports coursework and research in a wide range of programs:

John Levis Director of Graduate Education

Each year, we offer over $120,000 of funding in fellowships and scholarships for graduate students at the doctoral and master’s levels.  Over 70% of our graduate students hold graduate teaching and research assistantships in the English department that provide up to five years of funding for PhD students entering with an MA, three years for MFA students, and two years for MA students. Graduate students may also have assistantships in other academic and administrative areas on campus. Graduate assistants gain valuable experience teaching their own independent sections in our innovative, multi-modal ISUComm program, English as a second language programs, and the Speech Communication program. Teaching Assistants are aided by formal mentoring, a weeklong orientation, and a proseminar devoted to pedagogical techniques and theory.

If you are interested in pursuing graduate study in English at Iowa State, please feel free to contact faculty members who share your interests. Take a look at our admission guidelines, and get a sense of the department on our website.

If you have questions about the graduate program, please feel free to contact me or one of the other graduate program staff by emailing us at

Linda Shenk
Associate Director and Grad Connections Coordinator

Teresa Smiley
Graduate Program Staff Assistant