Specialized Foundation Courses

Cross-Cultural Sections

Each fall and spring semester some sections of English 150 and 250 are taught as cross-cultural classes. This means half of each section will be international students and half U.S. students. These sections give special emphasis to cross-cultural and international issues. These classes are a great opportunity for U.S. and international students alike to meet others from around the globe and explore cultural issues.

Cross-cultural sections are listed as double sections (e.g., English 150/RT & RV). The first section listed (RT) is the U.S. half and the second section listed (RV) is the international half. Spaces are reserved for the international students. To obtain permission to add to these sections, international student’s must contact their adviser.

English 250 Honors Sections

English 250H sections are offered each fall semester for students who have been admitted to the Honors Program. These sections offer Honors students an intensive communication experience while maintaining a focus on the university’s WOVE (written, oral, visual, electronic) curriculum. Students come to know one another and work together in this course as part of their core academic experience in Honors. For further information, please contact:

Honors Program Office
2130 Jischke Honors Building
(515) 294-4371

Learning Community Sections

Learning community sections consist of students who have similar academic goals. Students in a learning community take courses together during their first semester. This frequent interaction makes it easier for first-year students to meet other students and adapt more easily to college life. Learning communities help students gain/refine academic proficiencies, meet degree requirements, form new friendships, and develop a sense of membership in the Iowa State University community.

Students who participate in learning communities work in a collaborative learning environment. An increased informal student-faculty interaction and a simplified registration process (registering for a block of classes reduces schedule conflicts) are other benefits.

Learning communities at Iowa State University are structured by college/major department. Not all colleges/majors departments offer learning communities.

Students who are interested in becoming a member of (or simply learning more about) an Iowa State University learning community are to contact their academic adviser during their orientation advising session.

For further information on Learning Communities: www.lc.iastate.edu<http://www.lc.iastate.edu/>