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English (BA), Education Emphasis

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The English Education Program at Iowa State University gives undergraduate students the opportunity to major in English, earn a B. A. degree from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, qualify for a secondary (grades 7-12) teaching license from the Iowa Department of Education, and position themselves to earn extra teaching endorsements in Reading, English as a Second Language, or other disciplines.

Once English Education students have satisfied general education requirements, their programs of study focus on English courses in literature, writing, linguistics, as well as education courses in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, culminating with a sequence of professional courses that focus on the teaching of reading, young adult literature, writing, and literature. A key part of the professional sequence also involves a hundred hours of practicum experience in the schools and a full semester of full-time student teaching. Also as part of the professional sequence, students will construct a portfolio based on standards mandated by the state as part of the Iowa Teacher Quality Act. Since this portfolio is similar to portfolios constructed by experienced teachers in the schools, Iowa State English Education students are in this additional respect well-prepared to begin teaching careers upon completion of their work in the program.

English (BA), Speech Communication Emphasis

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“Practical…flexible…friendly”–those are the terms Speech Communication majors use to describe our program. Speech Comm majors explore how language is used to create social change, study theories of communication to see how they help us make sense of everyday life, and practice a broad range of communication skills learning to create and adapt messages for audiences in various contexts.

If you want to develop strong people skills, become more confident as you prepare and deliver presentations, enhance your listening skills, learn to assess the quality of arguments and other forms of public discourse, you may want to explore becoming a Speech Communication major.

Speech Communication also works well as a second major, adding the skills of leadership to the content knowledge you are learning in your primary major. You’ll be joining students from advertising, political science, dietetics, landscape architecture, communication studies, and aerospace engineering–all of whom have chosen Speech Communication.

Our majors are prepared for future employment in human resources, non-profit organizations, sales, training and development and education as well as for further education in graduate school, law school or seminary. Speech Communication majors know that communication and listening skills, supported by a deep understanding of the communication process, prepare them to have an impact and to be successful in their personal, civic and professional lives.

English (BS), Technical Communication Emphasis

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The RPC program at Iowa State provides a comprehensive approach to the theory and practice of rhetoric.

With 19 faculty members, the RPC program at Iowa State provides a comprehensive approach to the theory and practice of rhetoric as applied in particular to the workplace and other disciplinary communities.

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