Research Resources Sponsored by the English Department

The Antislavery Literature Project

The goal of the Antislavery Literature Project is to increase public access to a body of literature crucial to understanding African American experience, US and hemispheric histories of slavery, and early human rights philosophies. (Geoffrey Sauer et al., 2001-)

ABE Student Portfolio Assessment

A student porfolio assessment tool developed for the Iowa State Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering program. [username: ‘guest’, password: ‘guest’] (Anthony Ellertson, 2003-04)


A research project into electronic publishing which investigates methods of sustainable publishing practices, with over 280 members publishing over 34,000 works in the arts and humanities to more than 1.25 readers per month. (Geoffrey Sauer et al, 1990-)


Internet Writing Resource for the Innovative Teaching of English. (Volker Hegelheimer, 2003-)


ISUComm is an approach to university communication instruction that is contemporary in its attention to new information technology and comprehensive in addressing the many forms of communication practice. (Don Payne, Quinn Warnick, et al., 2003- )

Iowa DOT Electronic Reference Library

A funded research project for the Iowa Department of Transportation to develop a standards-compliant content management system for engineering specifications documentation. (Geoffrey Sauer, Rebecca E. Burnett, Lee Honeycutt, 2004-)


This site contains units that faculty may find beneficial for incorporating into ESL classes. The units contain vocabulary building exercises and skill-building sections that primarily develop listening; however, reading and writing are addressed as well. (Volker Hegelheimer, 2003-)

Project Yao (覞工程)

A free, publicly accessible permanent database of pre-1920 American literature translations into Chinese. A cooperative bi-national public scholarship project from Arizona State University, Iowa State University, and Sichuan University.

Studio for New Media

The Studio for New Media researches both theory and production of new media, such as the Web, CDs, DVD/Blu-Ray, streaming multimedia, web applications and social media.

Technical Communication (and Technical Writing) Library

A project to develop a modern database-driven XML-based digital catalogue, which encourages research studies into taxonomy, information design, experience design and web usability. (Geoffrey Sauer, Rebecca E. Burnett et al, 2001-)

Visual Rhetoric Interest Group

This is a space for discussion, grant/proposal development, collaborative writing and readings of interest to the visual rhetoric interest group.