Bob Corey Directory Page

Dr. Bob Corey
Lecturer, English


Contact Information

1014 Communications Building

Courses Taught

Engl. 150 Critical Thinking and Communication
Engl. 250 Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Composition
Engl. 302 Business Communication
Engl. 314 Technical Communication


EdD. Drake University – Ed. Leadership
M.A. Iowa State University – Rhetoric, Composition and Professional Communication
M.S.E. Drake University – Technology Concentration
B.A. Drake University – English and Special Education

Research Areas

Educational Pedagogy, Technology and Teaching Practice, Communication and Technology, Teacher Education-Pre-service Practice and Preparation, Composition Practice.

About My Teaching

“The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.” Anatole France

France clearly states what has become my position on teaching – that teachers can awaken students’ minds to a world of learning by being current in my craft and knowledge and being responsive to their needs through student-centered methodologies. The problem teachers face is recognizing the needs and then responding in a manner that promotes learning. Good teachers appreciate the art of teaching and have at their disposal a number of strategies ranging from different teaching techniques or assignments, to a particular motivational style, but all primarily designed to foster the “natural curiosity of young minds.”

Through directed questions, I hope to create a student-centered environment and guide the student down a path whereby they can explore and analyze ideas, investigate alternative opinions, and examine diverse scenarios and situations in an attempt to stimulate individual critical thinking, bring about in-depth classroom discussion, and foster curiosity about topics. I feel that this dialogue leads to the exchange of ideas, discussion, and acceptance (or perhaps tolerance) of a wide range of ideas and views and helps promote student success.

I have always believed in students’ capacity to learn, and I feel it is my job to help them awaken their minds to their potential and then motivate them to the view the curiosities of language and learning with the hope of “satisfying it afterwards”.

Recent Publications

Coffelt, T. A., Baker, M., & Corey, R. What do employers mean by communication skills? Paper presented at the Association for Business Communication, Philadelphia, PA.

Coffelt, T. A., Baker, M. J., & Corey, R. C. Business communication practices from employers’ perspectives: Business and Professional Communication Quarterly Vol. 79 No.  3. Sept. 2016.

Current Research

I am currently working on the future of education and the changes taking place in the teacher’s role in education, current trends in education both at the K-12 and higher education levels, and the influence of changing technologies on teaching practice.

Outside of the University

I enjoy hiking national parks. Of the 10 best parks in the country (DSM Register), I’ve been to 8. Need to see how many I can get to. The plan is to hike a national park at least once a year and use my passport at least once a year. Lots of places to visit. I plan to continue practicing TaeKwonDo working toward my 3rd degree black belt.