Brenda Tyrrell

MA Student in English Literature


Brenda Tyrrell, a second-year Master’s Literature student, has a forthcoming article entitled “Tracking Wells’s New Woman Through The Wheels of Chance and The War of the Worlds” that will be published in November through The Wellsian: The Journal of the H.G. Wells Society. Her article analyzes Wells’s first interpretations of the New Woman, compares two of his earliest heroines (Jessie Milton and Miss Elphinstone), and establishes which character is the more positive representation of the Wellsian New Woman. Brenda’s current research areas involve disability studies in H.G. Wells, as well as prophecy in science fiction. In her “free time,” she enjoys reading and researching not only Wells, but also other science fiction authors such as Samuel R. Delany and Octavia E. Butler. She also loves watching and critiquing movies with her daughter, walking and bicycling, as well as exploring and creating new ways of vegan cooking.

Tyrrell was recently awarded the John “Bud” Velde Visiting Scholar Fellowship from the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champagne Rare Books and Manuscripts department. The fellowship comes with a stipend that allows Brenda travel to the H.G. Wells archives (housed in the Rare books) for a month-long research project. Brenda intends to use this time to expand her work with Wells and disability studies that she defended in her Master’s thesis. Brenda has also accepted admission into the Miami University of Ohio’s PhD in literature program and intends to continue her work with Victorian Literature, Modernism, and disability studies.