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Carol A. Chapelle
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Contact Information

339 Ross Hall

Fall 2017/Spring 2018 Office Hours:  on leave

Courses I am Teaching

English/Linguistics 512:  Second Language Acquisition
English/Linguistics 519:  Second Language Assessment
English/Linguistics 630:  Seminar in Applied Linguistics


B.A. Linguistics, Michigan State University
M.A. Teaching English as a Second Language, University of Illinois at Urbana
Ph.D. Applied Linguistics, University of Illinois at Urbana

Research Areas

I study how to create good materials for second language learning and tests for assessing second language ability, and particularly how technology can be used to for language learning and testing.  My work on using technology for language learning has led me into many facets of applied linguistics including the study of grammar and lexis, multimodal communication, language ideology, and language assessment.

About My Teaching

I connect students to the professional world of applied linguistics by selecting readings and making assignments that allow them to engage with important issues in the field.  My classes provide students with a basis for continuing to learn and participate in the profession.

How I came to Teach what I Teach

I started in linguistics as a student of Russian in high school, so I know how difficult it is to become proficient in another language.  I wanted to help people learn English so they would be able to participate in the English-speaking world, but in graduate school, I found that learning another language is really a mysterious process.  There is a lot of research to be done in this area.  At the same time, it seemed to me that new technologies could help.  I decided to  study “technology and second language learning,” and this decision brought me to my current teaching role.

Recent Publications

The most exciting publication is my ten-volume Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics (Wiley, 2013), which you can find at the Iowa State University library.   This reference work was developed to help explain important ideas in applied linguistics to people interested in the area.  It is a good place to look if you want to better understand what applied linguistics is about.

Some recent research articles include the following:

Grgurovic, M., Chapelle, C. A., & Shelley, M. C.  (2013). A Meta-analysis of effectiveness studies on computer technology-supported language learning.  ReCALL Journal, 25, 1-34.

Chapelle, C.A. (2012).  Validity argument for language assessment:  The framework is simple…  Language Testing 29(1), 19-27.

Jamiesion, J., & Chapelle, C. A.  (2010).  Evaluating CALL Use Across Multiple Contexts.  System, 38, 357-369.

Chapelle, C.A.,  Yoo-Ree Chung, Y-R.,  Hegelheimer, V., Pendar, N., & Xu, J. (2010). Designing a computer-delivered test of productive grammatical ability.  Language Testing, 27(4), 443-469.

Chapelle, C. A., Enright, M. E., & Jamieson, J.  (2010).  Does an argument-based approach to validity make a difference?  Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, 29(1), 3–13.

Chapelle, C. A. (2009).  The relationship between SLA theory and CALL.   Modern Language Journal, 93(4), 742-754.

Chapelle, C. A. (2009).  A hidden curriculum in language textbooks:  Are beginning learners of French at U.S. universities taught about Canada?  Modern Language Journal, 93(2), 139-152.

Current Research

I am working with two research teams.  One is studying the language of academic and professional writing in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines.  The second is developing and investigating the use of automated feedback for English learners’ writing.  I also continue to studying the selection of cultural material in beginning French textbooks and methods for validation of language tests.

Outside of the university

My work takes me to many locations around the world.  I like to travel and I am currently studying French.