Danielle Buchanan

Danielle Lea Buchanan, a second year Master of Fine Arts student, was fortunate to receive the generous 1st year CWE Graduate Fellowship that granted her time to further pursue her writing interests: classism, socio-economics, Midwestern and Southern rurality, trauma theory, collective and generational trauma, intergenerational relationships in adverse family structures, social systems that perpetuate oppression, enculturation and acculturation, the cyclical navigations of poverty, and family system’s models—most notably Urie Bronfenbrenner’s bioecology of human development.

Lastly, Danielle wrote. In her first year at Iowa State University, she was a finalist for (F)riction’s 2016 Fall Flash Fiction Literary Competition, a finalist for the Tishman Review’s 2016 Tillie Olsen Short Story Award, a finalist for Psychopomp Magazine’s 2016 Short Fiction Award, a shortlist finalist for The Masters Review’s 2016 Fall Fiction Contest judged by Kelly Link, and winner of Passages North’s 2017 Ray Ventre Non-Fiction prize selected by Jenny Boully.