Emily Horner

Emily Horner is an MFA student in the Creative Writing and Environment program, and the recipient of the Pearl Hogrefe Fellowship for 2016-2017. Her fiction focuses on the idea of place in the fantastic, and the imaginative possibilities that arise in liminal spaces. She is currently revising a novel that explores geomancy alongside labor rights and the industrial revolution in a magical version of Japan, as well as researching a new novel set in an alternate Montreal where hackers and witches battle the militarized boundaries between French-speaking and English-speaking communities. Additionally, she plans to complete a collection of short stories about girls who exist on the margins between human identities and animal identities. Thanks to the Pearl Hogrefe Fellowship, she has been able to devote the necessary time to research and develop each of these projects.

Her research interests include posthumanism and transhumanism, urbanization and urbanism, linguistics (in particular language acquisition), climate change, and feminism, and the interdisciplinary strengths of the Creative Writing and Environment program have allowed her to pursue these research interests and incorporate them into her fiction.