First Week of Classes Important Procedures


As you get ready for your classes, please remember the following when it comes to questions about enrollment, classrooms and labs, meeting rooms, and email communication:


Students will want you to sign add slips:
Do NOT sign any add slips during the first week of classes. This could result in courses getting over-enrolled since students can do all adding/dropping themselves on AccessPlus during the first week of classes. If they say they “need” your class, I am advised to say not to believe them. After all, they’ve had time to register since March.  Please understand that over-enrolling courses affects future classes and may lead to adjusted class enrollment limits.

Students will want to just “sit in” your classes:
Do NOT allow students to “just sit in” on your classes the first week in the “hopes” that someone will drop. That is often just a way to pressure you into signing them in later, which, see above, you will not do. ALL dropping/adding must take place on AccessPlus.

=> All students insisting on trying to add 302/314 must see Jeslyn Jackson.
=> All students insisting on trying to add 150/250 must see Deanna Stumbo.
=> Send all other students trying to get into your classes to Christiana Langenberg (, 294-1655) or Michelle (, 294-9780)

Classrooms and Labs
First, please do NOT ask Jeslyn or Stacie for classroom or lab changes. Second, do NOT ask Jeslyn or Stacie for classroom or lab changes.  Jeslyn and Stacie have no control over what classrooms are assigned to us. We don’t get to choose, and we HAVE to use whatever classrooms we’re given. More than 200 people are teaching over 400 courses for our department. When you combine classroom assignments with computer lab assignments, getting everything balanced is a tremendous job.  Jess and Stacie have made every effort to create just that balance.  Be sure to thank them when you get a chance.

Classroom Etiquette
Be a good citizen! Leave your classroom in time for the next instructor to set up.  Clean the blackboard. Arrange the furniture in the classroom so that the next class can get started right away.

Office Etiquette
If you are sharing an office, please work with your office mate to respect each other’s space and schedules. If you are not sharing an office, but would not mind doing so, please let me know as we are always short of space.

Meeting Rooms
Please remember to reserve meeting rooms.  If you need assistance, please refer to the Room-Calendar-OWA document available inside the “guides” directory on the public folder.  Also note that Ross 412 is no longer an option.

Email Communication
Look before you click “send” to make sure you are sending your message only to the intended recipient(s) (and not everybody).

The teaching staff in the English Department includes over 100 faculty members and over 100 teaching assistants. We are covering in excess of 400 courses this fall semester and thus are a large operation within ISU.