Photocopying and Printing

As you prepare your syllabi and course materials, please keep in mind that we have budgeted 20 copies (whether photocopied or printed) per student in each of your classes.  Since we are under extreme budget constraints this year, we have reduced the number from 30 to 20 copies.  In any case, most people use far fewer copies than that per student.

From an individual perspective, a few extra copies may not seem like an extravagance. As a community, however, our photocopy and printing constitute a major expense: about 10% of our annual supplies and services budget. We use this budget to pay for conference travel, food for departmental events, paper and printing supplies, just about everything that isn’t payroll.

As a community, it is also important to be considerate of others.  Think about your timing before printing entire manuscripts and leaving a community printer without paper and/or ink for the weekend or for night classes.

Printing less saves trees, saves money, and can eventually save you time. You’ll find that storing class documents and handouts online is less work than printing and copying—especially the second time you teach a course.

Copies you have made on our community printers or at a campus copy center also count toward you 20 per student total.

You will be billed 10 cents per page for any copies over this limit. If you’re new to ISU, you’ll be getting your account number soon, and you’ll get an update about your copy totals from Sheryl Kamps around midterm.

If you need to make copies for some other purpose, such as for a conference we are hosting or to publicize a speaker, please see Matt Devick so that he can bill your copies to the appropriate account (instead of to you).