Planned Absences, Illnesses, Emergencies Procedures

We have great teaching results in English and your dedication plays a big role in our success.  This procedure will help you know what to do if emergencies or illness will cause you to miss a class or mandatory workshop and how to make arrangements for times you will be away from campus for professional reasons or personal reasons.

Most importantly, we need to know when you have cancelled a class and/or are not meeting a class because you are away.

Here is what the university faculty says about absences:

4.5.1  Vacations and Holidays

B-base faculty [NTE and TTE faculty are B-base] do not accrue vacation. They are required to be on duty during the academic year on those days when classes are in session and the two working days before the first day of classes of fall and spring semesters. Faculty are expected to manage their professional responsibilities as they deem appropriate, and typically are active throughout the academic year beyond the constraints of formal work hours and work days. B-base faculty may arrange their responsibilities so that they are absent from campus for personal reasons for limited periods when classes are in session. Specific absence days are to be established by mutual agreement between the faculty member and the department chair.
You are allowed, even encouraged, to present at conferences and attend other professional meetings and no one expects you to miss your best friend’s wedding or your parents’ 50th anniversary party.  Here’s how to make sure these situations are covered:  communicate with your course director (if you are teaching in a multi-section course) early to secure a substitute; approach some of your colleagues to see if they are willing to cover for you.  If you are teaching outside of ISUComm or Speech 212, let your area coordinator know about your plans. We expect that detailed lesson plans and instructions are made available to the substitutes.  Please let Christy Kadner and Tina Coffelt know, too.

You are also entitled to sick leave, and we are required to record it.  If you need to cancel a class due to illness or any other reason, please call the main office at 515-294-2180 and leave a message or send an email to We can leave a message on the classroom door for your students. Also, please send an email to your students letting them know you are canceling class.

Here’s the university policy:

4.5.2 Sick Leave
All faculty members, regardless of appointment base, accrue sick leave at the rate of one and one-half days for each full month of employment, with no upper limit on the amount of unused sick leave that may be accrued. Part-time employees accrue pro-rated sick leave based on their fractional appointments.

Finally, we need to be able to reach you during the entire exam week.  Please stay in email contact until the semester is officially over.  Here is the policy from the 2016/17 catalog:

All faculty members and teaching assistants with instructional or grading responsibilities are considered to be on duty throughout the entire final examination week and are expected to be available to students during that week for discussion of any matters pertaining to the final examination and final grade or to other aspects of the course.

Thank you for taking these policies seriously. Occasionally, we are contacted because of an emergency that concerns a student in a class and we need to find them. Your on-file syllabus lets us know if you are meeting in the library or somewhere else that day; if there has been a sudden change in plans, we really need to know. More generally, we are accountable to taxpayers and tuition-payers and it’s good for us all if we can keep their trust.