James F. Judge Directory Page

James F. Judge
Lecturer, English


Contact Information

1110 Comm Bldg (mail)
1021B Comm Bldg (office)

Spring 2018 Office hours: M 10-3; W 10-11:45, 1:15-3

Courses I am Teaching

ENGL 150  Critical Thinking & Communication
ENGL 250  Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Composition


M.A., Iowa State University
B.Sc., Iowa State University 
    additional graduate-level studies, St. Louis University  

Research Areas

architectural history of the Iowa State University campus
interface of U.S. history and popular culture, ca. 1935—

About My Teaching

Here at Iowa State, my faculty assignments have been almost exclusively in what we now call “The Foundations Courses.”  Most of the enrollees in the 100-level course are first-year students, while those in the sophomore-level follow-up come from all four undergraduate levels.  These courses try to give students integrated practice in both analysis and generation of written, oral, visual, and electronic texts.  I also teach at least three Learning Community sections each year, sections that enroll students from the same or closely related majors.  Obviously, the coursework in the English classes in some way complements the students’ work in their major classes.  On an intellectual level, I encourage students to think more deeply than before about cultural, philosophical, and political questions.  At a nuts-and-bolts level, insist that they move their communication (especially written) beyond understandable to correct, and from cliché to mature.

How I came to Teach what I Teach

I taught part time at Iowa State for two semesters while in graduate school.  After some years away, I returned to the English Department in 1995, teaching full time in Fall 1995 and Fall 1997.  My service in the department became more or less continuous in August 1997; I have taught full time during nearly all of the semesters since then I have taught full time.  Before long, I volunteered — admittedly on a whim — to teach in the new Learning Community initiative.  I have stayed with the ISUComm Foundations Courses (which are closely allied to the LC initiative) since they allow instructors and the students to explore both practical as well as creative communication.

Recent Publications

My publications appeared in newspapers in the 1990s.

Current Research

Three novellas, one exploring 30-year adjustment issues of persons displaced by the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, and two-edged social changes; the second depicting ways of coping with the death of a family member facing the future on new term; and the third offering an elegiac look at two brothers and their ambivalent relationship with popular culture (and with each other) at the peak of the Vietnam War.