Jo Mackiewicz Directory Page


Jo Mackiewicz

Associate Professor of Rhetoric and

Professional Communication


Courses I am Teaching

English 415: Technical Editing


B.S.  English, University of Wisconsin-Superior
M.A.  English Studies, University of Minnesota Duluth
Ph.D.  Applied Linguistics, Georgetown University

Research Areas

(1) Discourse and corpus-driven analysis of evaluative texts, including writing center conferences and online product reviews
(2) WAC/WID programming and assessment

Contact Information

About My Teaching

I think I’m best at teaching practical matters, such as technical writing and editing.

How I came to Teach what I Teach

I’ve always been interested in the process of writing and the ways that people talk about writing. So, I ended up studying writing center conferences and editor-writer sessions. I also became a practicing editor, and I am a better teacher for it I think.

Recent Publications

The Aboutness of Writing Center Talk: A Corpus-Driven and Discourse Analysis. (2016). Routledge.

Talk about Writing: The Tutoring Strategies of Experienced Writing Center Tutors. (2014). Routledge. (First author, with Isabelle Thompson).

“The Communicative Work of Figure Captions: Lessons for Technical and Professional Communication.” Technical Communication Quarterly 25 (2016):260–277. (Second author, with Jordan Smith, Derek Hanson, Shannon Fanning, and Sara Doan).

“The Impact of Review Environment on Review Credibility.” IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication 59 (2016):77–88. (First author, with Dave Yeats and Thomas Thornton).

“Quality in Product Reviews: What Technical Communicators Should Know.” Technical Communication 62 (2015):3–18.

“Product Review Users’ Perceptions of Review Quality: The Role of Credibility, Informativeness, and Readability.” IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication 57 (2014):309–324. (First author, with Dave Yeats).

“Motivating Quality: The Impact of Amateur Editors’ Suggestions on User-generated Content at” Journal of Business and Technical Communication 28 (2014):1–28.

“Instruction, Cognitive Scaffolding, and Motivational Scaffolding in Writing Center Tutoring.” Composition Studies 42 (2014):54–78. (First author, with Isabelle Thompson).

“Questioning in Writing Center Conferences.” The Writing Center Journal 34 (2014):37–70. (Second author, with Isabelle Thompson).

Current Research

I have started on a new book, tentatively titled Writing Talk across Time. It reports longitudinal study (corpus-driven and discourse analysis) of the talk in a writing center at two times: 2001 and 2017. I’m finishing up an article (with Isabelle Thompson) of what I call “spoken written-language” (SWL)—the intermediary language that writing center tutors and student writers produce as they formulate discourse intended for possible use in student writers’ papers.

Outside of the University…

I ride my road bikes like a mad woman (a Trek and a Bianchi) and swim pretty much every morning.