Mariah Kemp Directory Page

Mariah Kemp
Graduate TA, EnglishKemp_Mariah_dir


Contact Information:

246 Ross Hall
Fall 2017 Office Hours:
W 11-1

Courses I am Teaching:

Engl. 150 Critical Thinking and Communication


B.A. The University of Texas at Austin Rhetoric and Writing

Research Areas:

Mindfulness, digital literacies and visual communication, online discourse dynamics.

About My Teaching:

I approach students with an emphasis on mindfulness and understanding, which I believe leads to stronger writers, thinkers, and conversationalists. This ideal stresses attention to alternative viewpoints, culminating in deeper connection through various communication methods.

How I came to Rhetoric:

Creative writing and observation have always been strong-suits of mine, but not until my undergrad did I fully realize the potential offered by a rhetoric degree. Intrigued by the flexibility and identity-exploration that rhetoric presented, I spent the second half of my undergrad almost entirely focused on building a portfolio of work. This work carried me into unfamiliar areas that eventually reshaped my entire outlook on life, education, and communication. Through the challenges endured, I came to think of rhetoric not as a passion or job, but as a fundamental duty as an educator and knowledge-seeker.

Recent Publications:

“Peace and Cooperative Living.” Peaceful Power: Fresh Perspectives on Nonviolence. Edited by Peg Syverson, 2013, pp. 235-249.

Current Research:

While my academic interests are still in development, I have experience researching the rhetoric of criminal trials, mindfulness, nonviolent communication, memory, and an emphasis in digital literacies as well as visual communication.

Outside of the University…

I am a creative writer by nature; often I’m immersed in research for future stories, such as mythology and folktales. When not studying, I am busy filling my fountain pens, exploring bookshops, or driving with no destination in mind.