Mariah Kemp Directory Page

Mariah Kemp
Graduate TA, EnglishKemp_Mariah_dir


Contact Information:

412 Ross Hall
Spring 2018 Office Hours:
F 10-2 and by apppointment

Courses I am Teaching:

SP COM 212: Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Courses I have Taught:

ENGL 150: Critical Thinking and Communication
ENGL 250: Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Composition


M.A. Iowa State University
B.A. The University of Texas at Austin Rhetoric and Writing

Research Areas:

Narrative, identity, digital humanities, visual rhetoric, and criminal trial rhetoric.

About My Teaching:

I approach students with an emphasis on their personal narratives and backgrounds, which I believe leads to greater understanding of other viewpoints.

How I came to Rhetoric:

Creative writing and observation have always been strong-suits of mine, but not until my undergrad did I fully realize the potential offered by a rhetoric degree. Intrigued by the flexibility and identity-exploration that rhetoric presented, I spent the second half of my undergrad almost entirely focused on building a portfolio of work. This work carried me into unfamiliar areas that eventually reshaped my entire outlook on life, education, and communication. Through the challenges endured, I came to think of rhetoric not as a passion or job, but as a fundamental duty as an educator and knowledge-seeker.

Outside of the University…

I enjoy road trips, visiting antique shops for home decor, and fountain pens. My home is the Southwest, where the dry heat envelopes you and crackles against your skin, and the lightning strikes purple and plasma white. I miss that the most.