Richard Benjamin Crosby Directory Page

Richard Benjamin (Ben) Crosby
Assistant Professorrbcrosby


Contact Information

301 Ross Hall

Spring 2018 Office Hours:  F 12-2

Courses I am Teaching

Rhetorical Criticism, Classical Rhetoric, Argumentation, Persuasion, Public Speaking


Ph.D.  University of Washington
M.A.   Utah
B.A.    Southern Utah

Research Areas

Rhetorical Criticism and Theory

About My Teaching

Teaching is the historical foundation of rhetorical studies. So I take it very seriously. I regard my students as future leaders of their respective communities, and I cultivate their ability to lead effectively.

How I came to Teach what I Teach

As a college student, I majored in English literature, which gave me an appreciation for texts. I also competed in and coached collegiate speech and debate, which gave me an appreciation for current events and the power of persuasion. Later as a graduate student, I taught both writing and speaking at the college level. The study and teaching of rhetoric provides the perfect blend of these two disciplinary paths.

Recent Publications

Crosby, Richard Benjamin. “Conservative Oath Rhetoric and the Politics of Allegiance.” Argumentation and Advocacy. Forthcoming.

Crosby, Richard Benjamin. “Cathedral of Kairos: Rhetoric and Revelation in the ‘National House of Prayer’.” Philosophy and Rhetoric 46.2 (2013): 132 – 155 (Lead Article).

Crosby, Richard Benjamin. “Mitt Romney’s Paralipsis: (Un)Veiling Jesus in ‘Faith in America’.” Rhetoric Review 32.2 (2013): 119 – 136 (Lead Article).

McGarrity, Mathew and Richard Benjamin Crosby. “Rhetorical Invention in Public Speaking Textbooks and Classrooms.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly 42.2 (2012): 164-186.

Crosby, Richard Benjamin. “‘Which is the Wisest Course?’: Political Power and Prophetic Agency in 19th-Century Mormon Rhetoric.”  Journal of Communication and Religion 34.1 (2011): 1-23 (Lead Article).

Crosby, Richard Benjamin. “Kairos as God’s Time in Martin Luther King Jr.’s Last Sunday Sermon.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly 39.3 (2009): 260-280.

Current Research

Crosby, Richard Benjamin. “The Agentive Play of Bishop Henry Yates Satterlee.” Invited Book Chapter. In Mapping Religious Rhetorics: A Critical Reader for Writing Scholars. Eds. Michael-John DePalma and Jeffrey M. Ringer.

Balzotti, Jonathan M. and Richard Benjamin Crosby. “Diocletian’s Victory Column and the Rhetoric of Spectacular Disruption.” Journal Article.

Crosby, Richard Benjamin. The Race for National Priest: Mitt Romney’s “Faith in America” and Barack Obama’s “A More Perfect Union.” Journal Article.

Crosby, Richard Benjamin. “Canonical Kairos: Religion’s Urgent Opportunity to Adopt Generative Rhetorics.” Journal Article.

Crosby, Richard Benjamin. Shall it Not Utterly Wither?: Religion’s Growing Disconnect with the Rhetorical World. This long-term project includes both humanistic and social-scientific approaches designed to comprehend organized religion’s escalating disconnect with modern, Western culture. Still in its early stages, the project includes collaborative research efforts, such as an upcoming conference roundtable, short papers, and a nascent book project.

Outside of the University

I play drums with a bunch of English teachers from the local high school; we play mostly covers of old American songs. I also play basketball with a bunch of friends from church. Mostly though, I stay at home with my wife and four kids, trying to prevent absolute chaos.