MA RCPC Alumni

Master of Arts in Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication


Distinguished Alumni Accomplishments


Recent Alumni

Rachel Alsup (2015)
Project Title: Reenvisioning the audience profile of ACCESS’s web site
After graduation: Technical writer, National Instruments

Amanda Arp (2016)
Project Title: Examining student metacognition when self-evaluating public speaking

John Banister (2015)
Project Title: Epideictic memories of war: Reconceiving the classical funeral oration as exigence-driven discourse

Brittany Betzer (2016)
Project Title: Kairos in the Let’s Move campaign: Crafting moments of change through humanistic rhetoric

Kaylee Browning (Rodgers) (2014)
Project Title: An ISUComm history: Theory in perspective

Bethany Burdt (2017)
Project Title: The Birth of ApplyAcademia
After graduation: Program Coordinator I, Instructional Designer, Human Development & Family Studies, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

Nina Carlson (2015)
Project Title: Technical manual redesign for Eaton
After graduation: UX and Analytics Manager, AVENTICS, Hannover Area, Germany

Katlynne Davis (2017)
Project Title: Attributing rhetorical agency: Corporate social media interactions on Twitter

Sara Doan (2015)
Project Title: Digital classrooms, public profiles

Janna Dorman (2014)
Project Title: Warrior-Centric Healthcare Foundation: Establishing a visual identity, organizational goals, and WordPress site for non-profit

Kari Fokken (2015)
Project Title: Project Align: Employing visual rhetoric in tactical rescue team training manuals
After graduation: Language Arts teacher, Saydel High School, Des Moines, Iowa

Derek Hanson (2015)
Project Title: Envisioning MMACS: Building multimedia case studies for professional communication instructors

Amy Harris-Tehan (2014)
Project Title: Toward employee engagement and satisfaction: Organizational training with adult learning, user-centered design, and agile project management theories
After graduation: Training coordinator, The Ames Laboratory, Ames, Iowa

Jamie Harsha Sass (2016)
Project Title: Discouraging discourse: Mommy war rhetoric in the digital age
After graduation: Adjunct Professor of English, Marshalltown Community College, Marshalltown, Iowa

Jacquelyn Hoermann (2013)
Project Title: New needs: Revising first-year composition curriculum with email instruction

Pamela Holt (2013)
Project Title: Borrowed identity: The Tea Party and W.E.B. Du Bois’ Preacher
After graduation: Adjunct Instructor; Lecturer, Northern Iowa Community College (NIACC); English Department, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

Kylie Jacobsen (2014)
Project Title: Rhetoric of warning labels: Human figures in cross-cultural design

Christopher Jones (2013)
Project Title: The façade of inevitability: Agency, risk, and The American Academy of Pediatrics’ 2012 technical report on male circumcision
After graduation: Technical writer, Cabela’s, Sidney, Nebraska

Mariah Kemp (2017)
Project Title: Identity conveyance through multimedia: Kat Blaque’s transformative narrative using Draw My Life

Beth Kieda (2014)
Project Title: Supporting English 150 instructors through an accessible module of graphic design principles
After graduation: Accreditation & Licensure Coordinator, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa

Victoria Lopez (2013)
Project Title: A “revisioning” of ISU’s School of Education governance document

Philippe Meister (2017)
Project Title: Cloud composition technologies in multimodal composition program documents

Allison Piper-Geber (2016)
Project Title: Stereotyping femininity in disembodied virtual assistants
After graduation: Lecturer, English Department, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

Janet Roberts (2012)
Project Title: The professional connection: Videos from industry leaders to improve student communication
After graduation: Online course developer, Maryville University, 650 Maryville University Dr., St. Louis, Missouri

Joshua Sauceda (2013)
Project Title: Simulating dominance: How precedural rhetoric enforces a false Native ‘nomos’ in Elder Schrolls III: Morrowind
After graduation: Compliance and Audit Coordinator, Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Des Moines, Iowa

Leslie Shapy (2016)
Project Title: A close reading and concept-oriented rhetorical and literary analysis of Margaret Sanger’s eugenics-based discourse

Mary Speckhard (2013)
Project Title: Patterns and embodiment: An examination of human knowing in A Day Made of Glass

Elizabeth Stranahan (2014)
Project Title: Pushing perfection: Exploring activity systems through international elite gymnastics scoring

Jody Thompson (2014)
Project Title: Developing promotional and legal documents for Captain McCarty Photography

Carlos Toledo-Parada (2017)
Project Title: Metaphoric language in a dictator’s discourse: Analysis of three speeches by Augusto Pinochet

Nancy Turner (2013)
Project Title: Standardized manuscript processing procedure: A recommendation for Wiley-Blackwell’s Scientific, Technical, Medical and Scholarly (STMS) division
After graduation: Senior Development Editor, Wiley Blackwell, Ames, Iowa

Eric Waite (2016)
Project Title: Stories of sky and sea: Storying the generational divide at Cape Muroto