Samantha Robinson-Adams Directory Page

Mrs. Samantha Robinson-Adams
Lecturer, English
TComm Adviser, Englishslr


Contact Information

313 Ross Hall

Spring 2018 Office Hours: M 9-10; T 11-2; W 10-11; Th 11-2; No Friday hours

Courses I am Teaching

ENGL 150: Critical Thinking & Communication
ENGL 250: Written, Oral, Visual, & Electronic Composition
ENGL 302: Business Communication


M.F.A., Iowa State University    •    Creative Writing & Environment

B.A. Transylvania University    •    English          

Research Areas

South African Literature, African American Literature, American Literature 1920s to Present

About My Teaching

I especially enjoy teaching my students about argumentation styles, visual communication in advertisements, textual rhetorical analysis, composing resumes and cover letters, and styles of persuasive writing.  In English 250 I often supplement my chosen reader with extra texts that promote diversity in the curriculum as well—Sojourner Truth’s “Ain’t I A Woman?” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail, Katha Pollitt’s “Adam & Steve: Together at Last,” and excerpts from Nelson Mandela’s presidential acceptance speech, to name a few.  Implementing these speeches and essays better reflects who I am as a scholar as well as provides students with opportunities to learn rhetorical strategies while also reading texts that they might otherwise never encounter.  I am also a big believer in the power of correct grammar, so I emphasize accurate usage of language whenever possible.

How I came to Teach English 150, 250, and 302

I began my journey at Iowa State as a Teaching Assistant in 2008, teaching English 150 and 250, and in Spring 2012, I returned to ISU to take on those same courses as a lecturer.  I have since added Business Communication to my repertoire, and I enjoy the variety this class brings to the daily routine.  I have always been interested in rhetorical studies and visual communication (I was an art history minor in college), so these courses align well with subject areas that I was not able to explore more fully when I was a student.  I hope to add creative writing courses and English 314 to this list in the semesters to come!

Outside of the University

Outside of Iowa State, I keep busy by reading, writing (mostly nonfiction essays), researching more about South African fiction and nonfiction during the Apartheid era, studying animal behavior (particularly that of canines, felines, and primates), playing with our four-year-old cat, Ajax, and spending time with my husband, David.  We are also expecting our first child—a boy, Finley Howard Adams—in September, so very soon, I will be able to add “being a mommy” to this list!