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Tina Coffelt
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Contact Information

348 Carver Hall


Courses I am Teaching

COM ST 203: Introduction to Research Methods
COM ST 311: Studies in Interpersonal Communication
COM ST 102: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
ENGL 501: Research Methods in Rhetoric and Professional Communication
ENGL 602: Research Design in Rhetoric and Professional Communication (Quantitative)


Ph.D. University of Missouri    •    Communication Studies
MBA Northwest Missouri State University
BBA Florida International University    •    Management major

Research Areas

Sexual communication, privacy management, multigenerational family communication, interpersonal communication

About My Teaching

I like classrooms with momentum, energy, and interaction. Students practice active listening during lecture segments, discuss ideas in small groups, and consider others’ viewpoints during full class discussion. I draw on research findings and connect with personal experiences to illustrate concepts. Then, students are asked to think about and share their own experiences to solidify understanding of concepts. Assignments allow students to showcase their knowledge by integrating course concepts into their work.

How I came to Teach what I Teach

When I was 12, my dad asked me, “How would you like to get $1,000?” He had my attention. That question led me to my first public speaking competition. I spoke competitively for four more years, then switched to motivational and leadership speaking in high school organizations. These early experiences with public speaking, presenting, training, and interviewing launched me into undergraduate studies in business management. It was not until a friend said to me, “Did you know you talk about relationships all the time?” that I realized how fascinating interpersonal relationships are to me—family member, friend or intimate partner. That was also the day I switched from studying communication in organizations to interpersonal communication. I remain interested in public speaking and business, however my primary interests are in family, friend, and romantic relationships.

Recent Publications

Coffelt, T. A., Baker, M. J., & Corey, R. C. (2016). Business communication practices from employers’ perspectives. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, 79, 300-316. doi:10.1177/2329490616644014

Coffelt, T. A. (2015). Family sexual communication: Educational and relational. In J. Manning & C. M. Noland (Eds.), Contemporary Studies of Sexuality & Communication. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt.

Coffelt, T. A., & Hess, J. A. (2015). Sexual goals-plans-actions: Toward a sexual script in marriage. Communication Quarterly, 63, 21-238.

Coffelt, T. A., & Hess, J. A. (2014). Sexual disclosures: Connections to relational satisfaction and closeness. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 40, 577-591. doi: 10.1080/0092623X.2013.811449

Coffelt, T. A., & Olson, L. O. (2014). No more birds and bees: A process approach to parent-child sexual communication. In E. L. Cohen (Ed.), Communication Yearbook, 38, (pp. 207-240). New York: Taylor & Francis.

Coffelt, T. A. (2013). Customer service with a smile: Creating a climate where customers come first. In J. A. Wrench (Ed.), Workplace Communication for the 21st Century: Tools and Strategies that Impact the Bottom Line. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger Publications.

Coffelt, T. A. (2012, December). Communicating emotion at work. [Review of the book Communicating emotion at work, by V. R. Waldron]. Journal of Business and Management Landscapes, 1(1), 36.

Smith, F. L. M., Coffelt, T. A., Payne, A., & Sollitto, M. (2012). The Voice of Experience: Positive Response to a Natural Disaster Crisis. Qualitative Research Reports in Communication, 13(1), 53-62.

Hess, J. A., & Coffelt, T. A. (2012). Verbal communication about sex in marriage: Patterns of language use and the connection with marital quality. Journal of Sex Research, 49(6), 603-612. doi: 10.1080/00224499.2011.619282

Current Research

Coffelt, T. A. The past becomes present: A case study of relationship maintenance in a multigenerational family.

Coffelt, T. A. Abstaining from or delaying sexual intercourse: Communication strategies, motivation, and assertiveness.

Coffelt, T. A., Grauman, D. The meaning of “communication skills” to employers.

Outside of the University

I travel, sew, follow college football and basketball, and read.