Speech Communication Requirements

Our major requires minimum of 33 credits in Speech Communication courses with a grade of C or better. Our flexible curriculum with few prerequisites can help you accomplish this in a timely way. You will take the following six required core courses (18 credits):

Sp Cm 110: Listening

Sp Cm 212: Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Sp Cm 327: Persuasion

Sp Cm 412: Rhetorical Criticism

Sp Cm 416: History of American Public Address

Sp Cm 497: Capstone Seminar


You will also complete additional coursework of at least 5 other Speech Comm courses (15 credits) from the following list.

Sp Cm 275: Popular Culture Analysis

Sp Cm 305: Language, Thought & Action

Sp Cm 312: Business and Professional Speaking

Sp Cm 313: Communication in Classrooms & Workshops

Sp Cm 322: Argumentation, Debate and Critical Thinking

Sp Cm 323: Gender and Communication

Sp Cm 324: Legal Communication

Sp Cm 325: Nonverbal Communication

Sp Cm 350: Rhetorical Traditions

Sp Cm 404: Special Topics Seminar

Sp Cm 417: Campaign Rhetoric

Sp Cm 490: Independent Study


Other courses in the Speech Comm program include:

Sp Cm 290: Special Projects

Sp Cm 499: Internship